Types of glass


You desire maximum protection for the art works you wish to frame, without being hindered by troublesome reflection? It’s possible!

CLARYL GLASS: anti-reflection

Light reflection is eliminated without affecting the luminosity of the picture. 

This anti-reflection glass offers a quality and transparency which enhances colour and contrast. 


MIROGRARD: Museum quality glass, anti-reflection and anti-UV

This special glass is the product of an exclusive combination of UV protection and high quality anti-reflection technology. Protection from UV rays is invisibly integrated in your frame, giving long-lasting colour preservation. 


OPTIUM: acrylic glass

The very best protection for your works of art. 

Anti-reflection – for optimal viewing effect; also ideal for pastel & charcoal media, sensitive surfaces and resistant to light scrubbing and abrasion – withstands slight scratching associated with frequent cleaning. A glass type that can be reused for removal and temporary exhibition purposes.

Maximum UV protection : cuts out 99% of damaging UV rays. It’s finally safe to hang your valued art in brighter place ! 50% lighter than glass, therefore perfect for greater stability and large format frames for which glass is too heavy.